Thunder and Flame – New Alliances

If Rolf hated anything, it was waking up after a night of defeat. He checked himself in the mirror and could only see failure reflected in his eyes, this Fire Vixen has been a whole another league. He did start to learn the power of his regenerative abilities, most impressive was the fact that he seemed unwounded. He did feel his wound under his skin but a casual outsider would never notice. It was almost as if his body knew he needed to be presentable to the outside world. Perhaps it is his unconscious that is encouraging how to heal his wounds. A sudden jolt of pain made him ralice that for as quickly his skin was healed he was in no shape to anything.  He wasn’t even fully healed during the last battle. Perhaps he should quit, this Fire Vixen was way too powerful.

Downstairs his sister was watching the morning news. Talk about Fire Vixen would be the news all day again. “Can you believe it?” His sister asked. “Lightning Wolf was defeated again. That can’t be right!” “That’s the problem of this world, there will always be someone stronger.” Rolf responded. His sister turned towards him. “But Lightning Wolf is a good guy, right?” “Well it does break the law…” “But he saves innocent people!” “Perhaps.” “And good guys always win?” “Maybe in stories but in real life…” He saw the underlip of his sister quiver and suddenly realized how hard he was on the girl. “But if he truly is a good guy he must find a way.” “You are way too skeptic, brother!” “You are way to optimistic.” “It’s an unfair fight too, if that fox girl was all alone she couldn’t and steal the money and fight Lightning Wolf. It’s like four against one. They distract Lightning Wolf too. Normal boring criminals should be arrested by the normal boring cops.” “It’s not like the Lightning Wolf could work together wit the cops, he is on their wanted list.” “Perhaps he should consider it though, they share a common enemy.”

The next few days the city was quiet and Lightning Wolf was heavily wounded. But neither of those things kept him off the street. He was unsure if he should even fight, but his insticts demanded to hunt. Luckily there was nothing to hunt, perhaps a few common croaks that crawled out their holes. But the Lightning Wolf barely paid attention to them, they were boring criminals for boring cops. During one his patrols route he noted a strange figure on the roof of the Police Building. The figure was flashing lightsignals in the sky. When he got closer the Lightning Wolf noted it was a cop and decided to investigate. He jumped behind the policemen. “Strange night we are having, are you trying to attract mosquito’s?” He asked. The cop, visibly startled, took a moment to turn and respond. “Not insects but wolf I am hunting.” He said with a mysterious smile. “Well you caught one, what kind of trap is this?” “It isn’t a trap, I wanted you to inform.” The cop looked at the door into the building, afraid of anyone else walking on the roof. Fear felt the nostrils of the Lightning Wolf, but also doubt and duty, what was this cop planning? “Well, inform” The Lightning Wolf demanded. “You see, I never though of you as a bad guy. Our current police chief hates you because you are a threat to his power. He even put an insane reward out to turn the city against you, but I didn’t think anyone would have bought it. However we got a tip. Someone knows the location of the hide out of the Fire Vixen. Worse, this person promised the Chief he would both arrest the Fox and the Wolf.” The cop did another round of scanning the roof, unsure of his next words. “Well, we are going to raid it in a couple of days. We already had a stake out and almost enough clues for a SWAT-team. The chief planned this during the daytime, so you wouldn’t interfere.” “So?” The Lightning Wolf interrupted. “I am not exactly willing to help the man that is paying a million for my head.” “So… I don’t think we can do this without you. I am not sure if you noticed but during you two battles with the Fire Fox, the police was t here too. I mean people say you got beaten, but we are completely blown away without doing anything to this… this… thing… I also don’t care for our chief.” His eyes darted again, fear filled the air. “But I wouldn’t want him to get burned to a crisp. Let alone any other good man of the force in that raid. I beg of you, Lightning Wolf, are we not fighting the same enemy? Please lend us a hand, perhaps together we can do what neither of us could do alone” The Lightning Wolf frowned, words of his sister spooked through his head. “There is a reason why I don’t appear during the day. I got a secret identity to keep.” “At least consider helping us. I don’t think many of us want to be your enemy.” The Lightning Wolf turned around and left, without saying another word.


Thunder and Flame – Rematch

Rolf peered at the radio, it has been quiet for a while now. Suddenly it started cracking. “All officers, a reminder. In thirty minutes at the central bank. Bring new uniform.” It seems the cops are expecting trouble and it was time for the Lightning Wolf to suit up. As he arrived at the bank he already saw the first cops be there. There new uniforms looked more like firemen uniforms. Cars were parked away from the bank and they were installing make shifts walls of no doubt fire proof material. It seems the police are well able to learn and adjust, especially when your chief puts a lot of money on the game. No doubt the cop arresting either himself or the Fire Vixen would get a large bonus, especially if the chief could offer a million to an outsider giving tips. Perhaps those three dudes around the Fire Vixen might do that, they seemed to be playing her judging from her emotional scent.

Suddenly he heard the familiar sound of the engine coming this way and with screeching tires the car made the turn into the main street. Fire Vixen stood on the hood of the car, her arms raised up at an angle. He heard the snaps she used to active her fire and her arms flew forwards. Suddenly the whole street was ablaze as a large wall of fire stormed at the cops. A few cops shot in panic but none the bullets passed trough the fire. All of them soon fled, as the fire crumbled their barricades like paper. The Lightning Wolf came in action and jumped down, in front of the car. He stretched his arm out and car full stopped against it. He felt every bone in his arm break and realized it was a stupid move, but he was on the offensive now.. He jumped on the hood and instantly launched a punch with his right arm. The Fire Vixen easily sidestepped it and giggled. “Follow the plan guys, I give you five minutes.” “Arrogant.” The Wolf responded with another punch. The henchman fled the car as she jumped on the backside. Lightning Wolf channeled his lightning and shot, but the Vixen didn’t even move. “Your lightning can’t hurt me.” She snapped her fingers and unleashed a lash of fire, he dodged and rolled of the car to the side. He realized stopping her was impossible but stopping her crime might not be. He grabbed the underside of the car and stared annoyed at his left arm bungling helpless. He spanned all his powers and felt lightning course trough his arm in an attempt to tilt the car. “What are you doing?” She asked as gravity stopped resisting and the car slowly raise. With a final jolt he toppled the car on its rear. The Fire Vixen laughed as she jumped over the car and snapped her fingers. “Slow!” He got a full blast in his face, but resisted it and grabbed her arm with his broken left arm. Every bone screamed out in pain, but he needed to stop her, whatever it took. “SLOW!” She snapped her other hand and a large explosion forced the Lightning Wolf to let loose and made him fly several feet back. The Fire Vixen laughed. “Too Slow!” A large torrent of fire surged at the Lightning Wolf, and in the nick of time he rolled side wards. A second explosion has heard and with a large bang the car fell on its wheels again. As he stood up he heard the henchmen return, loaded and armed. One of them fired a salvo of bullets at the Wolf and again he jumped away just in time, but he was clearly on the defense now. The Fire Vixen suddenly jumped towards the side of the street. “Well, well. Seems you get to choose again. Who is the bigger threat? Them or me?” She set her hands in the wall and started to climb it.

This time Lightning Wolf realized there was no chance he would beat her, and she might not even be the real problem here. The car made a u-turn and sped past him. He set in to follow the car. “You chose wrong!” He heard and suddenly was hit in the back on his head, throwing him face first against the asphalt. As he tried to get up he realized his face left a dent in the road and the taste of dirt and blood dominated his mouth. The Fire Vixen stood in front of him, laughing loudly. As fast as lightning he stood up and delivered an uppercut to her face. He did hit, but his fist passed right trough her as her face turned into fire. He pulled back his fist, which now was heavily burned. She started to laugh harder. “You… can’t… even… touch… me!” she shouted excitedly. He heard another snap and fire clouded his vision. As her footsteps slowly faded away the sound of sirens billowed. Wounded and exhausted, Lightning Wolf decided to retreat, tonight was another lost battle.

Thunder and Flame – Shockwaves

As Rolf woke up he slowly realize the events of last night and the feeling sunk in again. He had lost, and the taste of defeat was bitter. He wondered what he did wrong, how he should have acted or if this super-villain showed any weak spot. It was clear she wielded fire as he wielded lightning, but she seemed better in every aspect. He was faster, more nimble and far greater at doing multiple things at the same thing. Like the whole running, dodging and attacking especially was something he could not tip too. But her powers mirrored his, she shot fire from her hands and enhanced her speed with fire. The smell of asphalt was still strong in his nose. And she could heat up the area she was in, which she used to chase away the police. Rolf concentrated for a moment on his surrounding and he slowly felt the air turn static. Yeah, they pretty much had the same power, different element. Did she had more experience? It couldn’t be, she was clearly younger and he was hunting as the Lightning Wolf for a while now.

As he walked into the living room he dreaded to pick up the newspaper, but his sister had put the TV on loud on the news. “6 squad cars were damaged by a unknown source of heat, which caused internal parts to melt down.” His sister signed to be quiet. “Some chick they call the Fire Freak has set the town on blaze.” She giggled at her own joke as Rolf just frowned. “We now go live to the Police Commissar who has a statement to make.” The Chief was an older man, already close to retirement age, who had a murky past. Lightning Wolf often heard cops complain about him about withholding pay or forcing to work long hours. Journalist were happy to grab every chance to portray as a corrupt amoral jerk who does everything to make it seem the city was clean and safe. Most rumors were baseless though and although Rolf doubted him, if he was even prove to point out he was half as corrupt as people wanted he would be fired a long time ago.

“Last night our fair city was torn apart by rampaging criminals the likes of what we never have seen before. Not only did a high class gang from far outside the country used a ‘super powered individual’ to robbed and destroyed a jewelry story till the point of the building was unsuitable as a shop. We also had a fight between this super powered individual and the masked vigilante known as Lightning Wolf. Although many citizens cheered on this so called underdog fighting crime, I like to remind the public he is a still a criminal. He uses force and power to subdues others without any sign of proper training or even basic human empathy. Also remember that last night he failed to stop these criminals and the ensuing fight many of our cities main roads were destroyed. The damage to the road is already in the hundred thousands before we add the thousands upon thousands peoples who need to drive around the inner city. Shopkeepers loosing income, off-roads getting more traffic then expected. The damages to this city are far larger then if the Lightning Wolf hadn’t stepped in. We also have strong reasons to believe that this so called Fire Freak came to this city because of the Lightning Wolf. It is clear to me now that we have been to relaxed when dealing with this viligante and we need to act before more of these so called super powered beings show up. That is why from on today the City Police will be offering a award of a hundred thousand to anyone with any clue about the Fire Freak or Lightning Wolf. And we offer a reward a million to any clue that leads to the direct arrest of either of these two. Fair Citizens, I ask you to not cheer for any criminal and report any activities.”

The news switched back to the reporters, who looked concerned. They were looking of camera and it stayed eerily quiet. A muffled voice seemed to ask “Are we still live?” Suddenly the studio flew on fire and the Fire Girl stormed in. She looked curiously at the camera. “Is that thing on, aw yes.” She took a step forward and puts her hands on her sides. “People of this city, it seems you guys got my name wrong. I am the Fire Vixen and you better remember that name good. I am here to teach you guys that if you play with lightning, you will get burned. And I will ensure you that you will regret the day you named this Lightning Wolf has your savior.” Suddenly Rolf realized something that he didn’t saw yesterday. Like the Lightning Wolf she was in costume, almost exactly the same style except orange and red, instead of the black and blue. And she seemed to be out to discredit the Lightning Wolf and make people afraid… afraid of what? Superpowers? The Fire Vixen spit on the camera, which seemed to fizzle for a moment and suddenly the connection was lost and the screen turned black.

Thunder and Flame – First Encounter

“Robbery at Jewelry! Requesting all back-up. Request firefighters too. Large chance of arson!” Rolf frowned as he put on his mask, this sounded serious. The newspaper on this morning came back to mind, would they be this fast? As he traveled the city, sirens were blazing everywhere. The small jewelry was surrounded by cars, each one serving for cover for a couple of cops. All of them seemed armed and ready. The air was tense as Lightning Wolf took place on a roof across the street. There was too much police here to interfere, his appearance would cause immense chaos. The door of the jewelry store seemed blown off but it was impossible to see in the store.In front of the door was a old cruddy car without a roof

Suddenly the first scent reached his nose and it took a moment to understand. Butter misguided undeserved hatred?  Before he could process it a young girl stepped outside the jewelry store. She smiled and snapped her fingers, causing the police to almost shoot. But instead nothing happened. Well Lightning Wolf noticed it instantly, the temperature seemed to be rising. Suddenly a cop yelled out and dropped his gun in confusion, others followed. Many of them were sweating heavily now and were looking surprised at their hands. The smell of burned skin warned Lightning Wolf of their injuries and made him worry. Suddenly police cars started cracking and the ones closest to the girl flew on fire. The cops decided they had seen enough and started to flee in mass. The girl shouted something and 3 men stormed out the store, each one carrying a large bag they put in the car. They all three seemed to be armed with heavy weaponry too. The girl jumped on the front of the old car, put both her hands over her shoulders. In a single movement she snapped both her hands and unfolded her arms, in response a large beam of fire shot out of her hands, blasting aside a cop car. Lightning Wolf sighed, his first super villain, he was afraid this day will come.

The car started and sped away, faster then expected of a old vehicle. Lightning Wolf followed the car on the roof until it turned the corner, when it was finally outside the view of the last cops. He jumped on the road and charged towards the car. “Boss, we have a problem!” The girl jumped into the backseat and smiled. “Well, well. Lightning Wolf. I am here to prove you, our kind, cannot be trusted. I am here to ruin you!” She shouted angrily and snapped her fingers, launching a bolt of fire. Lightning Wolf sidestepped it easily, but lost speed, he never had been in a chase before, let alone one with obstacles. “Here’s a question, who is the bigger threat? Them or me?” The car made a sharp left turn and the girl jumped off, speeding away in the opposite direction. Lightning Wolf didn’t hesitate, she clearly was the bigger problem here.

He heard her laughter scatter trough the city as he had did his best to keep up, she seemed faster. Lightning Wolf concentrating on his hand and pointed forward, shooting an arch of lightning. But the mysterious girl easily side stepped. “Too slow!” She jumped up, turned, snapped her fingers while she moved her fingers in an arch, lashing out with a whip of fire. Lightning Wolf reflexes were fast enough to slide under the lash and jump up, but not nearly as graceful as his foe.  “You seem too lack the years of training and you are the front of this all?” The stench of burning asphalt starting to overhwelm Lightning Wolf as the girl went faster. He did his best to keep up, but her tight turns and nimbleness seemed to win her speed with every curve the road made. Suddenly she made a u-turn on the spot and stormed right at the Lightning Wolf. When she passed him she snapped her fingers but he didn’t had time to react and got a full blast of fire in the face. The Lightning Wolf u-turn was a lot less graceful and the pain didn’t help. By the time he turned she was around the corner, and he made the turn, she was out of sight. He tried his best to find her trail, but the stench covered her trail. Somehow seemed to had escape. He had failed. The Lightning Wolf had failed for the first time.

Thunder and Flame – Warming up

A small gas station stood out in the flat and empty landscape. A large car without a roof was standing in front of the station, engines blazing and ready to go. Three men were sitting inside the car. A young girl was standing in front of the small building that houses the store, looking at the newspaper rack. One of the  men shouted. “He Vixen! Hurry up and trash this place.” The girl grabbed a newspaper, snap her fingers and suddenly the entire building was set ablaze. The girl ran toward the car and jumped in and the car speed away. Out the building came a man screaming. “No! You already took my money! Why?!” The men laughed like hyena’s as the car followed the road. They cheered in unionism when they heard a loud explosion. The guy on the backseat turned to the girl named Vixen and looked at the newspaper. “What you got there?” She showed the newspaper, which loudly proclaimed: “Lightning Wolf Exposed” showing a picture of a vague shadow. “What does it mean?” He asked. “It means my enemies are on the move.”

Rolf threw down the paper which smacked on the table with a heavy flop. His sister looked up startled. “Bad news day?” “Nah, just more Lightning Wolf crap.” He responded. His sister frowned. “He is still a hero.” “He is still a lawbreaker” His response was more aimed at himself then her. His sister’s phone rang and as she checked she proclaimed. “I’m late!” She quickly stood up and sped away. Rolf barely took notice, he had bigger things on his mind. The journalist from yesterday, she is the same one that wrote a lot of other Lightning Wolf articled and even the one that started his name. This one woman seemed to have friends everywhere and a keen eye for things, he started to suspect it was no coincidence she was on that roof. She must have known about that heist. But how? Was she risking her own life for the inside scoops? As he tried to remember earlier articles he realized she must have friends both deep in the police far and deep in the criminal world. Perhaps it was better to lie low for now, too many eyes are focused on him. The last thing he wanted is to be caught. His sister ran past him again, her coat open and his backpack hanging off one shoulder. She grabbed a piece of bread, took a bite and tried to say something but instead chocked. Rolf grabbed her by the hood of her coat. “Don’t talk while eating, and don’t run while eating. And at least close your coat before going outside.” She nodded. “Don’t worry, it will be fine!” She zipped her coat and ran outside. “Yeah I shouldn’t worry.” Rolf responded far too late.

The City was quiet, Rolf almost didn’t planned to patrol, but what else could he do in the darkest hours of the night. Still this was almost as boring as staying in bed. Most likely the failed heist of the previous night scared everyone off, that or the fact his picture was in every newspaper ever. Every crook in town must know by now that The Lightning Wolf protected this city.

The newspaper of the following morning stated. “Violent Gas station robbery turns into arson.” The location named was at least a day away by car. It must have been a real slow news day. Rolf considered going further outside the city, but he quickly realized that out in the open he would be far too easy to see. Rolf sighed and accepted he couldn’t stop all crime. Still these seemed to be horrid criminals, arson to gas station could end very badly. Rolf flipped the page and the second page article confirmed his earlier feeling. “No crime all night.” It seems yesterday would go down in history as the day with the least amount of crimed committed. “You look awfully proud, brother.” “Yesterday was a good day at work. The project is shaping up for a release with minimal delays.” Rolf was almost surprised with how easy his lies went to his family these days, but didn’t dwell on it.

The old car slowly sneaked into the city, under the cover of night. “You sure this is a good plan, milady?” “Yes, with the Lightning Wolf here stopping all crime the cops must have become the most laziest of them all. You guys can go all out. First we need to set up some base. We will strike tonight” “Errrm… Obvious question? What if the Wolf shows up?” “I will defeat him!”

Rise to Glory part 4

During his patrol he picked up a stench, and not any kind of stench. Gang members. The Lightning Wolf decided to let them talk before he struck. “I heard old Franky is planning something big and then is leaving this town. Too much heat.” “Franky’s afraid of the Lightning Wolf?” Laughter felt the alleyway. “Anyway we need more security tomorrow night. At hang out on street 146.” “I assume pay is good?” “Better. Franky is going to invite the best of the best. Don’t let anyone else know.” As the two crooks left apart the Lightning Wolf decided know was not the time to stop them. If he played this careful he could get a gang leader tomorrow.

The gang hide out was nothing more then a old abandoned building. It was awfully quiet though, and only a couple of cars seem to indicate any kind of presence here. As he sneaked closer to the building he realized too late there was someone behind him. “Alarm!” was shouted and although the Lightning Wolf took him out quickly, more appeared. It took a moment to take care of all the crooks and realized time was running out. As he stormed into the central room, he was already to late. The chamber was empty, but he just missed them, cars started outside indicating this was going to be a long chance.. The scent was still strong. He memorized the scents and walked outside. He heard footsteps in the distance and set chance. It seemed he had missed a minor member. The chase last seconds.

“What is your boss planning.” The Lightning Wolf grabbed the crook by his throat. “A big heist! The central bank! Need Air!” He dropped the flunky. “When?” “I already said too much!” The stench of fear was almost overwhelming but he was done. He charged his hand so the spark were clearly dancing of his finger tips. “Last chance.” He growled. “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!” The criminal’s fear quickly turned into bravery as he stood up and ran away. Lightning Wolf let him go, he betrayed his gang and there was police everywhere already, that guy will never be safe again. Besides his plans also changed.

He was almost nervous for this heist, it was the end of his first real job. No longer was he stuck to petty crimes or minor gripes, today would forever change his role as hero in this city. For better or worse. He jumped from building to building until he finally saw a car arrive with a familiar scent. A single man dropped up and causally walked into the side street, where he seemingly disappeared. As The Lightning Wolf came closer he realized he went into the sewer. AS the next hour more and more people arrived, in different cars and disappeared in different side streets and sewer entrances. Clever and inconspicuous. Lightning Wolf took careful track of the arrivals and finally they were all there. It was time to strike. Unlike those criminals, he preferred the front door. With a small bolt the door got overloaded and swung right open. He felt the spark of the silent alarm going off, good the cops will be here in a few minutes. He searched for a cable in the wall and overloaded it, causing the power to fall out and with that the camera’s. Then the Lightning Wolf casually walked towards the vault and with another well timed bolt he opened it. As the door swung open he was eye in eye with a bunch of very surprised law-breakers. Before any of them could react he launched his lightning. The crooks jumped in all direction but a few got hit. The orders quickly fled into the hole in the back. In response he let out his signature howl, one of the escapees hesitated and zap, he was down. He followed the other into the sewers and easily caught up. He dragged the unconscious body back to vault and dropped it by the rest. Outside the sounds of sirens were heard. The Lightning Wolf fled trough the sewer and came back up a couple of blocks way and climbed his way to an advantage point.

As Lightning Wolf oversaw the arrest he was suddenly surprised by a flash. He turned his head and started into the eyes of a young woman. “Julias Star, reporter of the Daily News. Are you the Lightning Wolf?” Her wide eyes were between fear, excitement and curiousty. Lightning Wolf stepped forward and grabbed the camera. “You can destroy it, the photo’s is already uploaded.” Her statement almost seemed taunting, but his response was a large sigh as he handed the camera back. Then he turned around and walked away. “Wait! The people deserve an explanation for your actions.” “Wolves hunt. Lightning Wolves hunt the guilty. That is all.” He jumped off the roof and disappeared, leaving behind a very lucky reporter.

Rise to Glory – the part I am skipping

A.K.A. the part where I tell what happens without going in detail because I had the boring build up part and rather skip straight to the action.

Events that need to happen:

Lightning Wolf needs to get injured and slowly learn his regeneration skills. This also should impact his real life, being wounded amongst close people does get noticed. (So is the leaving of his house at night.)

Rolf needs to deal with his family and real life and the impact his super hero antics have on that (see above). His family also needs to get detailed more. (Large family, at least 1 older brother and at least 2 younger siblings. His father left/died when Rolf was young and his older brother refused to become “the man of the house”. Rolf took that roll then, becoming a serious and dependable person. His older brother hasn’t returned since because he is afraid to deal with their mother. The mother is a friendly warm and open kind of person that does her best to work and keep a bunch of kids alive.

Rolf needs to deal with his double identity, realizing that what he does as a “super hero” is still outside the law. Which goes against his principals. Rolf, as man of the house, always has believed in the law and the system until recently. There is also a large part of guilt because his antics feel like thrill seeking, something else he is against. Then again he is helping people.

Lightning Wolf needs to slowly understands his scent power. I.E. his ability to smell emotions of the guilty but not of the innocent and the different types of emotions he can smell.

Rolf decided to patrol in addition to the following the police radio. He had a theory that the new scents he was smelling were emotions and intentions. Although it seemed quite weak around his family, the scents seemed to be strong when he was near people with hostile intentions. And tonight was a great night to test that out.

Lightning Wolf needs to incarcerate criminals, which in turns means the cops cannot blame easy arrest to the criminals failing and slowly realize there is a vigilante on the scene. Slowly becoming something the cops cannot deny and need to deal with.

Lightning Wolf needs to unleash his signature howl and learn the power of fear. This also should become his symbol.

As the robber ran away, Rolf suddenly felt to urge to howl. The sharp piercing sound echo’s trough the empty streets. The robber dropped everything he was holding and surrendered.

Lightning  Wolf should earn his name, and should slowly become more and more a figure in the media. This also should be over a decent amount of time, perhaps even a couple of years.

“Lightning Wolf! Real of bedtime story for the underground world?” The newspaper proudly proclaimed about the inside story. Rolf smiled, he liked the nick name the newspaper gave him. Simple and precisely descriptive of his powers and appearance. He skimmed the rest of the news article. It seemed some journalist got deep inside both the police station and the criminal world. The newspaper got hold of many cases in which criminals were found fainted and sometimes even tied up. Cases in which they surrendered after just hearing the howling. And even some lines of dialog with what seems real criminals. “Dude, when you hear the howling its light out.” “The Wolf is real man! I saw him with my own eyes. He zapped me and I was down! Luckily I woke up before the cops found me.” “I lost three friends to this demon! I might just quit this business.” Rolf did his best not to burst out laughing, but it showed his fear campaign was working. Further in the article the police chief made a plain statement. “This is most likely the work of a masked vigilantly with a taser gun. He probably thinks he is doing good but in fact this is dangerous work that might up hurting or killing himself. We are setting in extra manpower to find him before he gets in trouble.” Rolf lay down the newspaper and went to work, trying to not feel so proud. He was still a criminal and worked outside the law, yet he couldn’t stop himself feeling good.